​​​​Our touch:
When we join the four basic ingredients, -flour, natural sweeteners, eggs and butter, the combinations are boundless. We hope you find appetizing every  pastries, homemade pie, custom cake, various  ancient and modern grain bread product you taste.  We proudly put in each tray artesian flavors, textures, and aromas…...
 In pastry everything relies on quality ingredients, exact measurements, and strict adherence to method.  We achieve results that are consistent year in, year out.
We are proud to offers you the best quality  of Bread and Pastries   which our Historic  sourdough starters used in all our beautiful and exotic breads that gives that natural flavor of best of Europe brought to America. Our  breads are long-cultured for 48 hours for an amazing complex tastes base on sought America artisans methods and recipes .  Color and textures  of the breads are rich and beautiful and not color additives were added to simulate it , textures and color are the results of perfect combinations of temperature, Bake  time and humidity. 
Sweet bread (soft or toast) based on  Venezuelan recipes (Andine Bread, Chameleon, Golfeados) are definitely the best tasted experience, Soft and Slim Bread based on Argentine Recipes (Pan de Miga) are the must delightful , Multigrain and savory Bread based on Mexico, Colombia and Brazil recipes .